Nikolas Thompson

Nikolas Thompson

Composer/Music Producer 작곡가/뮤직 프로듀서

About Nikolas

Kite Flying Robot

Nikolas Kite Thompson is an American composer, producer, and musician currently living in Seoul, South Korea, with the occasional stint to the United States.  His composing strengths employ a pop sensibility and "cinematic" elements that are designed to evoke an emotional response in the listener.  Hope, empathy, melancholy, love, joy, and everything in between, serve as blueprints for the music; whereas beats, piano, guitar, strings, synths, bells, voice, etc, are the building materials.

Nikolas has composed video music for NYK Media, Roll the Dice Pictures, and accomplished directors such as Nick Neon, Sterlin Harjo, and John Weeke.  Several projects are planned for 2015, such as a few short music films, and composing the complete musical movie score for award-winning director Nick Neon.

While Nikolas specializes in Pop arrangements, he likes to write music of all kinds, from moody string arrangements, to hip hop beats, to sunny acoustic guitar songs, to 1970s and 1980s-inspired tunes, and much more.

Nikolas has lived and composed in Seoul South Korea, San Francisco, and Oklahoma City, USA.  His synth pop / rock band Kite Flying Robot, has recorded original songs that have charted #1 on CMJ in the US and Canada, has won several awards including the Oklahoma Gazette's "Best Electronic Band 2011", and Tulsa Weekly's "Best Dance Party Band 2012", and other awards.  Kite Flying Robot has performed in the United States, London UK, Japan, South Korea, and has performed the prestigious SXSW Festival in Austin, TX, among many other music festivals.  For the Kite Flying Robot official website, click HERE.

No matter where your company is based in the world, Nikolas's ability to collaborate / work on music for film knows no borders.  For inquiries or pricing, visit the Contact page.